I graduated in Medicine in 1995. Being self-taught, I owe my artist growth to my friend and painter Rodolfo Guzzoni. I live and work in Milan. My paintings can be found in private collections located in USA, Europe and Asia

My Concept

Reach the right distance between myself and reality

My Work

Observe the living being in all its forms, slow down and stop to make a snapshot of the subject. Portray the individual in his essence trying to represent his true nature. 

My Services

Portraits in acrylic painting technique, on canvas and wooden tables. I work on commission...

Recent exibitions


Kunsthaus Burg Obernberg Ausstelung / Castello di Obernberg – Burg Obernberg, Austria

Donne & Padri – Un omaggio / Galleria ARTtime – Udine, Italia

XXI Salòn International ESART / Esart Galeria – Barcelona, Spagna



Affordable Art / Galleria Merlino Bottega d’Arte – Firenze, Italia

XX Salòn Internacional 2019 – Esart Galerìa – Barcelona – Espana (Winner of the edition medal)